Tom Kashatus Frances Zaleski Paul Jarecki Lucy Wazowicz Steve Masakowski
Palmira Miller Linda Conner John Jarecki Steve Phillips Mary Margaret Kashatus
Bill Hourigan Heidi Selecky Chris Todd Carolyn Phillips Carol Marcincavage


President, Tom Kashatus called the meeting to order on the above date and time, led those present in the Pledge of Allegiance and proceeded with the order of business.


Secretary, Linda Conner read the minutes from the previous meeting of May 25th 2010.  Mary Margaret Kashatus clarified that while the outing to ballpark is indeed scheduled for Friday, August 27th, it is not a bus trip as read. With the correction noted, Bill Hourigan made a motion that the minutes be accepted as read and placed on file; seconded by Mary Margaret Kashatus, with all voting in favor.


Treasurer, Francis Zaleski read and presented the treasurers report. Bill Hourigan made a motion that the treasurers’ report be accepted as read and placed on file; seconded by Steve Masakowski, with all voting in favor.


President, Tom Kashatus reports:

1.        2010 membership stands at 150 members.  Tom will sponsor new member, Wren DeAntonio.  Heidi Selecky made a motion to accept the new member; seconded by Carol Marcincavage, with all voting in favor.  Barbara (Gizara) Pilak will sponsor new members, Joseph and Paul Gizara.  Palmira Miller made a motion to accept the new members; seconded by Linda Conner, with all voting in favor.

2.        A request for donation was received from the Corpus Christi Parish for the summer bible school.  Paul Jarecki made a motion to give $100.00; seconded by Carol Marcincavage, with all voting in favor.

3.        A letter was received from Gary Zingaretti expressing his appreciation with NTCO for “putting together a great legislative forum”.


1st Vice President, Palmira Miller reports:

·         The official totals for the “Great American Clean-Up” are complete. The information with regards to incurred expense, monies earned, waste and recyclable tonnage, number of volunteers and volunteer hours has been filed with “Keep America Beautiful Inc.” and both local and national sponsors acknowledged.  A brief report on each of the three events was read by Palmira and will be featured in the next newsletter.


2nd Vice President, Bill Hourigan had no report at that time.


Committee Reports


1.         Applications for the children’s Summer Fun program are ready and in circulation. Chair Melissa Bova was not present for update.

2.         Newport Township Recreation Advisory Board was informed that NTCO would spend up to $1,000.00 for the purchase of benches and picnic tables for Coal Street Park. Before purchase, Murphy Fletcher has been asked to compare the picnic tables chosen by the township recreation board with those located at the park in Warrior Run that have been manufactured by “Play World”. While more expensive, the “Play World” items are of better quality and, Tom believes, built to last.  The park is scheduled to reopen on Saturday, June 12th.


·         Heidi Selecky reports that she and Paul Jarecki set up a display of calendars, videodiscs and collectibles at the annual Newport Township Little League and Fireman’s Bazaar.  Though only one item was sold, Paul made a motion to donate $10.00 from the proceeds to the fundraiser; Steve Phillips seconded, with all voting in favor.  Heidi also reports that the basket of NTCO items donated for the Chinese auction was won by Ken Piestrak.


1.        Editor, Bill Hourigan reports that the cost to print the spring newsletter exceeded advertisement proceeds, $944.89 versus $391.25.  Tom said that he would like to see at least $500.00 in ads before the summer newsletter is printed.  Bill countered that due to the time sensitivity of some the ads, this cannot be done.

2.        The position of salesperson is again open. Anyone interested in selling advertisements for the newsletter should see Bill. The position pays 10% commission plus mileage.

3.        Anyone interested in contributing an article to the newsletter should also see Bill.

Unfinished Business

  1. The Board of Directors still needs to appoint three trustees and a budget policy for the organization. As of June 8th, the meeting of board members still had not occurred.
  2. Leigh Bonczewski informed Tom the GNA Rotary Club is still very interested in partnering with NTCO in a community grant that would be used for the purchase of swings at the Alden playground.
  3. Some examples of cost regarding the Community Event Calendar were given by Tom. A brief discussion followed.
  4. Tom addressed the Newport Township commissioners during their meeting of June 7th regarding occupancy inspections and derelict properties.  The concern is that there seems to be selective code enforcement or, in some cases, none at all. The commissioners were noncommittal in their response. Tom will also address this matter in the next newsletter.

New Business

  1. Tom would like Heidi Selecky to research the possibility of junior membership in NTCO for those under the age of 18 years and report her findings to the group.
  2. West Kirmar Avenue is due for a cleanup in June.

Good of the Organization

  1. Tom again asked for a person to chair the Fall Festival or for alternative ideas in fundraising.
  2. Palmira reminded those interested that NCAC is holding a seminar on Form 990 training on Thursday, June 17th.
  3. As always, remember to support the businesses that advertise in our newsletter.


Francis Zaleski made a motion to adjourn the meeting; seconded by Mary Margaret Kashatus, with all voting in favor.


Meeting adjourned at 8:10 pm.

Submitted by: Linda Conner