Tom Kashatus Linda Conner Heidi Selecky Chris Todd Mary Margaret Kashatus
Palmira Miller Steve Masakowski Paul Jarecki Karen Rejician


President, Tom Kashatus called the meeting to order on the above date and time and led those present in the Pledge of Allegiance. It was noted that, as per the by-laws, 10 members are needed for a forum and only 9 members were present.  Palmira Miller made a motion to continue the meeting with 9 members; Linda Conner seconded, with all voting in favor.  President Tom Kashatus proceeded with the order of business.


Secretary, Linda Conner read the minutes from the previous meeting of June 8th 2010.  Mary Margaret Kashatus made a motion that the minutes with minor correction be accepted and placed on file; seconded by Palmira Miller, with all voting in favor.


Treasurer, Francis Zaleski was not in attendance. In his absence, the treasurer’s report was read and presented by Tom Kashatus. Mary Margaret Kashatus made a motion that the treasurer’s report be accepted as read and placed on file; seconded by Linda Conner, with all voting in favor.


President, Tom Kashatus reports:

1.     2010 membership stands at 153 members.

2.     Tom presented a card from the Newport Township EMS expressing appreciation for our donation to their fundraising breakfast of March 21st 2010.

3.     Tom presented a request from the Glen Lyon Crime Watch for a donation to their “National Night Out” to be held Tuesday, August 3rd at the Wanamie Recreation Park.  Karen Rejician, Vice President of the Glen Lyon Crime Watch, gave a brief presentation on the event.  After the suggestion of various dollar amounts, Linda Conner made a motion agreeing to $300.00; Heidi Selecky seconded, with all voting in favor.

4.     Tom presented a request from the Guardian Elder Care Center for a donation to the Chinese auction to be held at their annual Block Party of July 16th. Heidi Selecky made a motion to donate a basket of Newport Township memorabilia items; Steve Masakowski seconded, with all voting in favor.

5.     Tom presented a request from the South Valley Chamber of Commerce for a contribution towards the tee shirts purchased for GNA Girls’ Softball Team 2010 State Championship.  Steve Masakowski made a motion agreeing to $125.00; Mary Margaret Kashatus seconded, with all voting in favor.


1st Vice President, Palmira Miller reports:

·       The cost analysis of the “Great American Clean-Up” is as follows:  Expenses totaled $624.87 versus Revenue totaling $3,756.94.  A full accounting of the clean up will be featured in the 2nd quarter newsletter.


2nd Vice President, Bill Hourigan was not in attendance.


Committee Reports


1.     As the Children’s Summer Fun Program by NTCO is smaller in comparison to previous years, Tom suggested that any monies not used from the allowance could be offered to the Newport Township Recreation Board for use with their Children’s Summer Park program.  There was a brief discussion regarding various options and concerns, but nothing was finalized.

2.     Murph Fletcher has been asked for his opinion of the picnic tables located at the playground in Warrior Run as NTCO is interested in purchasing the same type for the Coal Street Playground.  $1,000.00 has been earmarked for this purchase.  This is in addition to the $400.00 promised to Joe Brady for his Eagle Scout Project of enlarging the existing shed at the playground.


·        Carol Kuhn will be moving to the Allentown area and has resigned her seat on the editorial board.  Tom will designate her replacement at the next meeting.  NTCO thanks Carol for her past involvement and wishes her well in her new home.


Unfinished Business

  1. The organization is still without a Board of Trustees.  Heidi Selecky and Steve Masakowski, both on the Board of Directors and present at the meeting of June 22nd, informed the group that they have a list of potential candidates.  President Tom Kashatus stated that he would expect an update  in the near future.


New Business

  1. A “Citizenship Award” was discussed for Eagle Scout candidate, Joe Brady.  Heidi Selecky suggested an annual award to be given to a civic-minded, high school senior.  This idea will be discussed further.
  2. Tom announced that he will ask for a complete report and cost analysis whenever income and expense is involved in a new project.
  3. Palmira asked if she should submit to “Keep America Beautiful” for prizes awarded to groups that participated in the 2010 “Great American Clean Up”.


Good of the Organization

  1. Unless a chairperson is found by the next meeting, Tom will ask for a vote to cancel the Fall Festival.  Should this be the case, he would like suggestions for alternative fundraising.
  2. Tom plans on emailing the by-laws to all members that have an email address on file.
  3. Mary Margaret Kashatus announced that she had 20 reserved seats at the Lackawanna/Luzerne County Stadium to see the Wilkes-Barre/Scranton “Yankees” take on the Lehigh Valley “Iron Pigs” on Friday, August 27th.  Tickets are $13.00.  Anyone interested should see Mary Margaret.



Mary Margaret Kashatus made a motion to adjourn the meeting; Karen Rejician seconded, with all voting in favor.


Meeting adjourned at 8:15 pm.

Submitted by: Linda Conner