Tom Kashatus Linda Conner Chris Todd Mary Margaret Kashatus Carolyn Phillips
Bill Hourigan Heidi Selecky Jamie Miller Lucy Wagowicz Stephen Phillips
Frances Zaleski Paul Jarecki Aaron Miller Mary Jo Evans Gerald Mullery


President, Tom Kashatus called the meeting to order on the above date and time, led those present in the Pledge of Allegiance.  Before proceeding with the order of business, Tom introduced guest attendees: Gerald Mullery, Jamie Miller and her son, Aaron.


Secretary, Linda Conner read the minutes from the previous meeting of August 10th 2010.  Mary Jo Evans made a motion that the minutes be accepted as read and placed on file; seconded by Mary Margaret Kashatus, with all voting in favor.


Treasurer, Francis Zaleski read and presented the treasurers report. Heidi Selecky made a motion that the treasurers’ report be accepted as read and placed on file; seconded by Bill Hourigan, with all voting in favor.


Reading of Bills and Communications

1.        Two invoices totaling $161.12 from Davis Trophies for the deceased members plaques and “Donated by NTCO” signs were presented for payment. Stephen Phillips made a motion that the invoices be paid; seconded by Bill Hourigan, with all voting in favor.  The items were passed around for everyone to see.

2.        A letter from the Greater Shickshinny Area Business Association was presented announcing their Eight Annual Community Mixer Banquet to be held Saturday, October 2nd 2010 at the Shickshinny Fire Hall.  Tickets are $23.00 per person.  All NTCO members are invited to attend.

3.        A representative of Luzerne County Community College contacted Tom and asked that NTCO submit photographs for the 2010 time capsule.  Tom left the choice of photos to Heidi Selecky and Paul Jarecki.

4.        A letter from the Mill Memorial Library was presented thanking NTCO for the $100 donation to the Children’s Reading & Crafts program.

5.        A $10 donation was received from Jesse Olshefski in appreciation of the good work by NTCO.


Committee Reports

1.        Membership – Tom reports that there are currently 160 paid members and emphasized that recruiting new members is the responsibility of all members.

2.        Summer Fun – On behalf on Palmira Gregory Miller, Tom presented the final report and cost analysis for the kids’ swimming event held August 12th and 19th.  A photograph taken at the Mocanaqua Pool was passed around for everyone to see.

3.        Fundraising – The design has been finalized for the Saint Stansilaus’ Orphanage, the 3rd collectible miniature in the historic site series. Heidi presented a copy of the design, which was passed around for everyone to see. With both the miniatures & calendars ready for production, Heidi reports that approximately $800.00 is needed above the $988.62 reserve. After a brief discussion, Carolyn Phillips made a motion to give $811.38 above the reserve for a total of $1,800.00; seconded by Mary Jo Evans, with all voting in favor. Heidi also reported that assistance is needed with identifying members on a photograph of the Polish Dance Class (circa 1950) that will be featured in the calendar.  Tom thanked both Heidi and Paul for a job well done.

4.        Recycling – Tom asked for assistance loading some heavy items for metal recycling. Anyone interested in lending a hand should contact Tom.

5.        Fall Festival – Tom gave a brief update on the progress being made since the last meeting of the Fall Festival committee members.  Items discussed were the Chili contest, Apple Pie contest, Car Show with breakfast, Crafters, Hay ride, and possible coloring and/or pumpkin carving contest for the kids. Anyone interested in volunteering is asked to attend the next committee meeting.

6.        Editorial – Bill Hourigan reports that articles of interest are needed for the 3rd quarter newsletter.  Tom remains concerned on the printing costs of the newsletter versus the revenue made on advertisements.  It was reported that both Joe Malone and Karen Rejician have offered their assistance in obtaining new advertisers.


Unfinished Business

  1. The Board of Directors still needs to appoint three trustees and a budget policy for the organization. There is concerned that despite repeated requests, the meeting of board members still has not occurred.
  2. Tom reports that, at this time, the GNA Rotary Club is not interested in partnering with NTCO on a community grant for purchase of swings at the Alden playground.  There was a brief discussion on our options of moving forward alone with this project.
  3. Tom reports that he is still analyzing products and cost before purchasing the picnic table and park bench for Coal Street Park in Glen Lyon.
  4. A project is in the works to help raise the $8,000.00 needed for the purchase of the championship rings for the Nanticoke Girls’ Softball Team.  As NTCO has already made monetary donations towards other endeavors with regards to team, there is reluctance among our members to yet again give money. Some ideas were discussed on ways the team can raise the money themselves.

New Business

  1. As the November elections will contain a voting option on Home Rule Charter for Luzerne County, Tom questioned whether NTCO should host a public forum for Newport Township residents. A brief discussion ensued.
  2. Lucy Wagowicz brought up some concerns she had with regards to the demolition of O’Karmas gas station in Alden.   Tom mentioned that he had the opportunity to speak with employees of the company performing the demolition and had no negative report.  He again urged members to report such concerns to the Newport Township Board of Commissioners.
  3. Bill Hourigan questioned if code enforcement in the township is actually being enforced.  Many homes have unkempt appearances especially on Main Street in Glen Lyon.  The debris from the demolition of the old theatre on East Main Street was mentioned, as well as the dilapidated structures that should have been long since torn down.  A discussion on community improvements ensued mentioning the possibility of petitioning the state.  Also mentioned was the Nanticoke revitalization program and what impact it could have on Newport Township.
  4. Heidi Selecky voiced her concerns on the recent Catholic Church consolidations.  It is feared that Saint Adalbert’s Church, the sole remaining Catholic Church in Newport Township, may too close within 24 months should it be unable to sustain itself financially.  She would like to discuss this matter more in the future and what role NTCO can play in preventing the loss of yet another historic building.

Good of the Organization

  1. Mary Margaret Kashatus announced that all tickets have been sold for the Friday, August 27th ballgame to see the Wilkes-Barre/Scranton Yankees take on the Lehigh Valley Iron Pigs.
  2. Heidi Selecky reports that she has spoken with Bill Piccone regarding the planned presentation on Olga Treskoff and “The Miracle of the Bells”.  A tentative date of Saturday, November 6th has been set.
  3. Tom has made a commitment to always ask for a complete report and cost analysis whenever a new project involves income and expense.
  4. As always, remember to support the businesses that advertise in our newsletter.


Francis Zaleski made a motion to adjourn the meeting; seconded by Bill Hourigan, with all voting in favor.

Meeting adjourned at 8:25pm.

Submitted by: Linda Conner