Palmira Gregory Miller Francis Zaleski Paul Jarecki Mary Margaret Kashatus
Bill Hourigan Linda Conner Heidi Selecky Karen Rejician


1st Vice President, Palmira Miller, standing in for President Tom Kashatus, noted that as per the by-laws, 10 members must be present for a forum and only 8 members were in attendance. Heidi Selecky made a motion to continue the meeting with 8 members; seconded by Paul Jarecki, with all voting in favor.  1st Vice President Palmira Miller then called the meeting to order on the above date and time, led those present in the Pledge of Allegiance and proceeded with the order of business.


Secretary, Linda Conner read the minutes from the previous meeting of September 14th 2010.  Karen Rejician made a motion that the minutes be accepted with minor corrections and placed on file; seconded by Mary Margaret Kashatus, with all voting in favor.


Treasurer, Francis Zaleski read and presented the treasurers report. Heidi Selecky made a motion that the treasurers’ report be accepted as read and placed on file; seconded by Paul Jarecki, with all voting in favor.


Reading of Bills and Communications

1.        The letter from the Greater Shickshinny Area Business Association was again presented announcing the 8th Annual Community Mixer Banquet to be held Saturday, October 2nd 2010 at the Shickshinny Fire Hall.  Tickets are $23.00 per person.  President Thomas Kashatus will attend as the representative of the Newport Township Community Organization.  Bill Hourigan made a motion to reimburse Tom for the cost of the ticket; seconded by Linda Conner, with all voting in favor.

2.        An announcement for the 20th Annual History of Northeastern Pennsylvania conference at Luzerne County Community College was again presented.  The event will be held Friday, October 1st 2010 at the conference center and will feature a “Celebration of Ethnic Music”.  There is no charge for admission and all are welcome to attend.

3.    The Nonprofit & Community Assistance Center (NCAC) held a seminar on Tuesday, September 28th for key members of nonprofit groups.  President Tom Kashatus attended on behalf of the Newport Township Community Organization. Heidi Selecky made a motion to reimburse Tom for the $15.00 admission fee; seconded by Bill Hourigan, with all voting in favor.

4.        A letter from Boscov’s Department Store was presented inviting Newport Township Community Organization to participate in a “special fundraising opportunity” called “Friends Helping Friends”.  Boscov’s will provide tickets for discounts and prizes at no cost to non-profit groups.  Members will then sell each ticket for a $5.00 donation with the organization keeping 100% of the donation.  The event will be held at Boscov’s during store hours Tuesday, October 5th.  Anyone interested in volunteering on behalf of Newport Township Community Organization is asked to contact Palmira or Linda for details.

5.        A letter from Live Well of Luzerne County was presented inviting members to a seminar on how to create a healthier more livable community.  The event will be held Wednesday, November 10th at Wyoming Seminary beginning at 7:30am with a free breakfast.  There is no charge for admission though registration is required.  Anyone interested in attending is asked to contact Palmira or Linda for further details.


Committee Reports

1.        Membership – There are currently 165 paid members.

2.        Fundraising – 2011 calendars and Saint Stansilaus’ Orphanage miniature collectibles are now available for sale at a cost of $10.00 each and $15.00 each respectively.

3.        Recycling – Tom is in need of assistance loading some heavy items for metal recycling. Anyone interested in lending a hand should contact Tom.  Also, members are reminded that the tire “drop off” will be held October 2nd in Butler Township and October 9th in Hanover Township. Anyone with tires to dispose of is asked to contact Tom.

4.        Festival – A brief update on plans for the upcoming Fall Festival was given.  Palmira reported that both Tux and Champ would make an appearance at the event and asked for member opinion on hiring a disc jockey to make announcements and play music at a cost of $150.00 for the entire day.  She also outlined the contract in place between NTCO and the Newport Township Fire Department & Little League agreeing to share profits on Kitchen items; including prepared food, beverages and bake sale items.  Lastly, volunteers are asked to be at the grove Thursday, October 7th at 6:00pm for set up and Friday, October 8th at 1:00pm for decorating.

5.        Editorial – The 3rd quarter newsletter is currently in the works. Anyone interested in submitting an article for publication is asked to contact Bill Hourigan as soon as possible.

6.        Junior Membership – Heidi Selecky has made the suggested changes to the proposal for youth membership. Paul Jarecki made a motion to accept the article as written; seconded by Karen Rejician, with all voting in favor.


Unfinished Business

  1. The Board of Directors briefly met and appointed John Jarecki and Paul Jarecki as trustees to the organization.  A third trustee is still required as well as an approved budget policy.
  2. The appointed committee for nominating upcoming officers and members to the Board of Directors must make their choice of candidates known prior to the end of the calendar year.
  3. A public forum debating the pros and cons of Home Rule Charter is still in the works. Tom was awaiting confirmation from James Haggerty.  Also, South Valley Chamber of Commerce may be interested in co-hosting the event with Newport Township Community Organization.  Tom will provide news at the next meeting.
  4. John McDermott from the Nanticoke Softball Booster Club has been contacted regarding a space being made available at the Fall Festival for the Girls’ Softball Team.  The club is looking to defray cost on purchasing State Championship rings. No word has been received on acceptance or denial of our offer.
  5. Palmira Miller announced the both she and Tom Kashatus would attend the 20th Annual Evening for Northeast Pennsylvania’s Environment hosted by the Pennsylvania Environmental Council on Thursday, October 14th at the Woodlands Inn & Resort.  2nd Vice President Bill Hourigan also said that he would attend.  Francis Zaleski made a motion to pay the $45.00 ticket cost on three attendees for a total of $135.00; seconded by Heidi Selecky, with all voting in favor.
  6. The Altar & Rosary Society of Holy Spirit Parish has made a donation request for its’ annual bingo to be held Sunday, October 17th at Saint Adalbert’s Church hall.  No decision has been made.  It was suggested that future donations be tabled until a budget is approved.


New Business

  1. A “Right to Know” seminar hosted by Council member Francene Tearpock-Martini and the Office of Open Records were held Thursday, September 23rd at the Shickshinny Fire House.  Tom and Palmira plan on presenting the information to the commissioners at the next Newport Township commissioners meeting.
  2. The cleanup of West Kirmar Avenue is now due.  Palmira is asking for volunteers to meet at a time and place to be designated.  For the time being, she and Linda Conner will pick up debris from the road leading down into Glen Lyon (Fanucci’s Hill).
  3. A suggestion was made to hold a dinner honoring a township resident (s) who performs deeds benefiting the community.  This idea will be further discussed in the future.
  4. Linda Conner presented a tee-shirt featuring a silk-screened coal breaker and the phrase, “Where the earth meets the sky” that she would like to see used by the Newport Township Community Organization on a future order of tee/sweat shirts.  The material was initially used by Savitsky’s Edge (formerly Zabritski’s) bar in Wanamie.  Neither business is now in existence.  After a brief discussion on how the material can be improved on, Bill Hourigan made a motion to table the matter until a future date; seconded by Linda Conner, with all voting in favor.


Good of the Organization

  1. Heidi Selecky has asked that anyone with a donation for the Chinese Auction to be held at the Fall Festival, leave the item on her enclosed, front porch.
  2. Tom has made a commitment to always ask for a complete report and cost analysis whenever a new project involves income and expense.
  3. As always, remember to support the businesses that advertise in our newsletter.



Francis Zaleski made a motion to adjourn the meeting; seconded by Karen Rejician, with all voting in favor.


Meeting adjourned at 8:05

Submitted by: Linda Conner