Summer 2007

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Spring 2007

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2006 Events

English Tea Party      Murph Fletcher and Mary Margaret Kashatus hosted an English Tea Party on November 5th, at the Guardian Center.  Ten girls attended along with the female residents.  Students from Holy Trinity Church helped in serving harvest tea in fine china, fruit, mini sandwiches and sweet treats.  Everyone received a corsage and … Read More

2006 Projects

Newport Township Community Organization hosted the following projects in 2006 Recreation Park Summer Fun Projects All of the Summer Fun Projects were held at the Recreation Park in Wanamie.  Bus service was provided to and from each Event. Thank You Murph Fletcher and Mary Margaret Kashatus for a Great Job hosting         … Read More

2006 News

November 5, 2006 — English Tea Party October 14, 2006 — Fall Festival July 3rd to August 21st 2006 — Summer Fun Projects March 1st through May 31st –2006 Great American Cleanup April 22, 2006 — Community Pride Event April 17 to 22, 2006 — The Big Junk Drop Off for all Township Residents

Winter 2006

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Fall 2006

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Summer 2006

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Spring 2006

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Winter 2005

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